About Us

From founder-led start ups to private-equity backed acquisitions, the team at Planr knows first-hand what is required to achieve rapid revenue growth and increase your maximum potential valuation.

“We built Planr because we have been there – in C-Suite and investor roles where you are informed at the last minute that a target will be missed. You have to report a loss without accurate insight into what happened or how you can prevent it from happening again.

Planr gives leaders the unbiased visibility, control and confidence they need to deliver revenue growth, to protect what they are building and ultimately, to sleep soundly at night.”

Owen Pagan


Fuelling growth for leading firms & portco's

How Planr transformed Calligo's revenue performance

Planr is enabling Calligo to grow predictably, to optimise sales and marketing capacity and to deliver revenue and sales assurance, profitability and cash flow.

How proof of future revenue performance secured TDS' buy-out

Planr gave the CEO & leadership team what they needed in order to convince the buyers that TDS could deliver the projected future revenue, ultimately securing a 33% higher valuation.

Uncover new insights with AI-powered predictive analytics

Identify hidden risks to revenue growth, action data-driven recommendations, and track results in real-time.