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Planr gives you instant, automated access to an unbiased, intelligent view of your future revenue performance for the current financial year and beyond, with proven 96%+ accuracy. 

Unlock the potential in your portfolio

In times of volatility, make no surprises the new normal.

Deploy today and impact revenue tomorrow​

Planr connects data from multiple sources in minutes to deliver strategic recommendations for investors and leadership teams


Deploy in 2 hours

Planr’s proprietary smart filters cleanse datasets from various systems such as HR, Finance, Sales & Project Management

Expose Hidden Blockers

The recommendations engine notifies you of sudden changes so you can course-correct, turning blockers into opportunities

Assess Your Revenue 24/7

Planr is always on, assesing your revenue in real-time, providing snapshots that expose problems you didn’t know existed

Adopting AI Into Your Forecasting Process

What Can You Expect

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Revenue Prediction Accuracy Vs 72% When Done Manually
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Increase In Revenue
Within 9 Weeks
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Faster Deal
Time To Close

Find The Truth

In Your Pipeline

Ask Your Team The

Right Questions

Know Months In Advance That You Will Miss Your Target

Decision Intelligence For Due Diligence

Planr is the decision intelligence platform helping investors quickly interrogate valuations, increase leverage and lay solid foundations for post transaction collaboration