The Revenue Prediction Tool for CEOs and their Leadership Teams ​

Access to highly scalable insights in minutes

Rapid go-live instant insights

Intelligent revenue prediction

Expose inhibitors to business growth

Seamless Integration Between Systems

Predict revenue, deliver growth

Planr gives you instant access to an unbiased, intelligent view of predicted revenue against future targets, with 96% accuracy.

Planr helps you to tighten your financial grip by highlighting blockers to growth so you can course correct early.

Migrating your CRM? Your business doesn't have to suffer

Your reports, visibility and ability to accurately forecast is guaranteed to be impacted by a migration between CRM systems such as HubSpot to Saleforce. Don’t let this happen to you. Planr will seamlessly sync these systems together behind the scenes to ensure your business doesn’t miss a beat, providing you with;

Never miss a quarter again

Planr highlights inhibitors to revenue and sales bookings in advance, so you can model scenarios in time to adjust.

Planr highlights sales team capacity and performance across quarters so you can optimise for growth

How TDS used Planr To Increase Their Valuation By 33%

Read the TDS success story to learn how they saved time and money by presenting accurate and intelligent data fast