Get a grip on your data

Using our RAN, TRACK and PREDICT offerings we facilitate automated data capture, scenario modelling, budgeting, predictive forecasting, dashboarding and analytics. Gather information from across your investment companies with our collaborative approach to ensure accurate plans and budgets for future growth

Real-time decision making

Build, manage and act on plans and forecasts in real-time

Planning & modelling

Use the Planr what if analyser to see in real time how your plans are impacted by changes occurring both inside and outside of your business.


Use Planr to create unlimited plans and versions to drive full transparency and accountability across your investment companies.


Planr was built based on this principle and provides communication, stakeholder commentary and model sharing functionality throughout.

Rule Builder

This brilliantly designed functionality will enable you to incorporate even the most complex business logic into your plans.


Planr dashboards aim to provide you with 360 degree visibility of your investment business.

Unlimited integrations

The key to any corporate performance management system is the ability to integrate with other enterprise systems. Planr has pre-built integrations to a large number of systems such as Salesforce, Slack and Xero among others.