portfolio monitoring & management

Streamline processes & manage portcos for optimum growth

The use of legacy applications and an over-reliance on manual processes leads to missed threats and opportunities.

Accessing portfolio trading data shouldn’t slow you down. With Planr you can spend more time turning insights into growth opportunities by simplifying and optimizing your analysis – all in one cloud-based platform.

A baseline across your portfolio within minutes

Planr dashboards provide you with 360 degree visibility of your portfolio in real-time

Real-time Portfolio View

Company KPIs

SaaS Metrics

Dynamic Insights

Budget Vs Actual

Full Pipeline View

Automated Email Updates

Early-warning Triggers


All Your Portfolio Data In One Place - Instantly.

Effortlessly consolidate portfolio data within minutes from all your business systems across accounting, CRM, ERP, HR, BI and of course, spreadsheets.

With zero interuption to current business flow, continue to report exactly as before while Planr stays connected in the background and never affects day to day business operations.

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Complete Visibility Across Your Portfolio In One Single Platform

Connecting company data across CRM, Finance, ERP, and HR systems, Planr will assess and predict the future success of your future financial performance – revenue prediction, AI-driven insights and real-time trading at your fingertips.

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