Build, manage and act on plans and forecasts in real-time

Budgeting & Forecasting

Using our RAN, TRACK and PREDICT offerings we facilitate automated data capture, scenario modelling, budgeting, predictive forecasting, dashboarding and analytics.

Gather information from across your investment company with our collaborative approach to ensure accurate plans and budgets for future growth.


Sales & Marketing Planning

Analyze, predict, and scenario plan the impact marketing activities have on your overall sales revenue.

Know exactly how many touches are needed from marketing to drive leads to customers. Consolidate your marketing and sales metrics into a single dashboard and use “what-if” scenario planning to quickly forecast and test changes that will impact your ROI.

Operations Planning

Use Planr to create unlimited plans and versions to drive full transparency and accountability across your company.

Powered by a single source of truth, Planr gives you and your team the opportunity to collaborate on plans with communication, stakeholder commentary, and model sharing functionality throughout.

Take control of your operational planning to ensure the best financial outcome for your organisation.