Find the truth in your pipeline

Instantly evaluate the health of your pipeline and make faster, more informed decisions to build an effective sales plan that drives more revenue.

Pipeline Coverage

See by quarter how much coverage you have versus your target. Get alerted about the risks that could impact you hitting your number with breakdowns by location, team and person.

All changes to open opportunities in your CRM are automatically mapped in Planr meaning you always have the most up to date, accurate view of your pipeline.

Pushed Deals

Pushed deals are a silent problem and will instantly effect your revenue prediction. Spot the trends of how likely you are to win every deal, quickly expose at-risk deals and re-allocate your strongest sales reps to close opportunities.

On average, if a deal pushes 3 times, your likelihood of closing a deal will drop from 40% to .02%.  

Pipeline Forensics

Get an insight into everything that has happened from one quarter to the next. Effortlessly track your conversion rates, pipeline growth and forecast accuracy to get a true understanding of what is blocking your growth.

With real-time actionable insights, your sales team will become a powerhouse moving from open deals to closed-won faster than ever before.

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