Drive the revenue performance of your company in real time

Easily identify hidden opportunities (or risks) to revenue growth, utilise data-driven recommendations, and tracks results in real-time

Revenue Prediction

Using our AI algorithm and historical corporate performance, Planr will predict your revenue outcome with 96% accuracy.

Planr is always on, assessing your revenue in real-time, providing snapshots that expose problems you didn’t know existed. Say goodbye to constant re-forecasting and churn analysis in excel and hello Planr.

Growth Blockers

Make unwelcome surprises a thing of the past with Planr’s early-warning system – receive instant notifications when sudden changes occur so you can course-correct.

Know months in advance that your team is going to miss their revenue targets and use Planr smart recommendations to turn blockers into opportunities.


Deal Inspection

Stay on top of the deals that will make your year with a 360 view of every deal from one quarter to the next.

See changes in real-time, monitor the health and the likelihood of each deal closing ensuring a positive outcome.

With real-time actionable insights, you can predict revenue, understand the pipeline and coach your salespeople to close more deals.

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