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Revenue Intelligence

For Investors & Companies

Planr gives investors and portfolio companies the control to assess and predict the future of their revenue using the power of AI to think better, act faster and grow together.

Expose revenue blind spots across your portfolio

An unbiased, scientific view of what’s really happening across your investments.


Planr gives investors and board members instant access to an unbiased, intelligent view of revenue predictions across their portfolio.


Using our AI and forecasting technology Planr helps CEOs tighten financial grip by exposing hidden opportunties that unlock growth potential.

Get The Full Picture With Planr

What You Can Expect

Early-warning Alerts To Changes In Portfolio Performance

Real-time Insights On Current Trading

96% Revenue
Prediction Accuracy

Armour Of Defence Across Your Fund

Ask Your Portfolio The Right Questions

No More Surprises At Board Meetings

+100s More AI Powered Insights For Investors & Portfolio Companies

Smart. Agile. Collaborative.

Planr sits on top of existing business systems within your portfolio companies, constantly churning data, applying Al and advanced logic to expose accurate and meaningful insights about revenue predictions, company performance, and growth inhibitors.

Investors get instant, automated access to an unbiased, intelligent view of their portfolio’s performance 24/7. Using machine learning, the platform predicts your revenue for your portfolio and the individual companies within it for the current financial year and beyond, with proven 96%+ accuracy. 

Unlock the potential in your portfolio

In a world full of uncertainty, make no surprises the new normal.