Breaking Through The Data Barrier

The private equity industry has recognized the potential of data analytics for value creation, yet the research findings reveal a widespread ineffective utilization of these tools.

To gather the insights presented in this research, we conducted interviews with industry experts and surveyed 150 individuals working in private capital firms across the UK & USA.

Keeping Calm: The Resilience Of UK Private Equity

This report presents the views of 35 private equity professionals – more than 40% of whom are UK fund managers, 15% European-based, and 30% from the US – on dealmaking, exits and venture capital, based on a survey carried out by Private Equity Wire during February 2023. The results were discussed with a range of named and unnamed private equity sources, primarily based or working in UK private equity, during March 2023.

The True Cost Of Data Silos

Without smart tooling and processes in place, data from various systems will quickly revert back to idle silos that leak revenue, lead to missed opportunities, and stall growth. Companies are losing 20-30% in revenue every year due to inefficiencies

Using AI To Forecast Your Revenue

The way CEOs manage revenue forecasting is rapidly changing – to accurately predict future revenue, organizations require efficient processes and tools to generate and disseminate real-time data that reflect rapidly changing circumstances.

The Silent Killer

The silent killer costing companies up to 30% in lost revenue every year. With a looming economic downturn on the horizon, CEOs face increased pressure on growth and cost reviews as revenue opportunities quickly decline.

Navigating The Economic Downturn With AI

Private equity is facing new challenges due to the current economic downturn in 2023, with factors like interest rate hikes, market volatility, regulatory changes, increased competition, and supply chain disruptions making it harder for private equity investors to achieve their investment objectives. In order to succeed, it is important for private equity firms and portfolio companies to invest in technologies that can improve their bottom line, with AI being a significant option.