Maximise revenue & Expose Hidden Growth Blockers

Planr client TDS increased their company valuation by 33% prior to acquisition using our AI-powered revenue prediction tool

Rapid go-live instant insights

Intelligent revenue prediction

Expose inhibitors to business growth

Maximise company valuation

Revenue Prediction Score™

Planr highlights inhibitors to revenue and sales bookings in advance, so you can model scenarios in time to adjust.

Ensure the correct pipeline is being built today to deliver predictable revenue results in the future. Automatically we show you pushed deals, forecasting accuracy and efficiency

Accurate Revenue Prediction

For any investment or acquisition, it’s critical to the valuation that future figures are real and can be interrogated, proven, and delivered upon.

Managing reports from various departments lead to siloed views and increase the chances of human error and missed opportunities. 

Having an AI-powered tool in place provides an unbiased, scientific view of the data predicting your NTM Revenue with 96% accuracy.

Manage Your Investments

Whether you are managing one company or an investment portfolio you need a tool like Planr that gives you a centralized view to benchmark your investment growth.

Get real-time feedback on how your revenue plans are impacted by changes occurring both inside and outside of your investment companies.  Planr can tell you the answer in seconds and it can be quickly shared with relevant stakeholders.

Identify hidden risks to revenue growth, action data-driven recommendations, and track results in real-time.

Expose Growth Inhibitors

Planr highlights inhibitors to revenue and sales bookings in advance, so you can model scenarios in time to adjust.

Running in the background 24/7,  Planr will continuously analyse the performance of your investment portfolio, each company’s sales pipeline, capacity and sales efficiency.

See every indicator of success and failure past, present, and future, all in one place.

Prove Value Of Potential Acquisitions

When exploring an acquisition, it’s imperative investors can cut through siloed data and get a true representation of future revenue.  

Use Planr to get a reflection on how a potential acquisition is performing and the prediction on revenue. If there are any red flags, Planr will know about it and alert you instantly.

Planr notifies investors about due diligence analysis and what’s behind the figures within each prospective investment. This enables them to move past the numbers and use insights to make high-impact decisions.

Deploy today and impact revenue tomorrow

Remove all guesswork

Planr effortlessly automates your sales pipeline and various other data sources in a matter of minutes, quickly and accurately giving you the confidence to stand over your analysis.

Pipeline turbulence

Identify blockages and use corrective actions to support the company to course correct

Sales team capacity

Use pre-built models and visualisations for an accurate view of sales team capacity right down to individual reps

Pipeline review

Demonstrate a solid link from pipeline to bookings, revenue and cash

Deals comparison

Drive a consistent set of metrics across portfolio companies like pushed deals, forecast accuracy and conversion rates

Scenario modelling

Have instant access to an always-on view of past, present and future performance

Plus many more

Drive higher performance by proactively addressing growth inhibitors​ at various stages of your pipeline

Customers are saying

Planr tells you instantly if today’s performance will get you tomorrow’s results

"Planr gives me an added level of visibility and a competitive edge, I'm now seeing results of due diligence in hours rather than days.”​

“The clarity and accuracy Planr gives on current and future revenue performance and sales capacity enables us to take strategic decisions much sooner and with greater confidence.” ​

“Planr is telling me things about my business and sales performance I never knew. I wish it existed years ago.”​

How TDS used Planr To Increase Their Valuation By 33%

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